Massage Therapy as Prevention



Great article from the Journal of Nursing!


Here is a wonderful article from the RN Journal about how Massage can help with various types of prevention. They briefly describe how Massage can be used as an alternative to narcotics, steroid injections, and surgery, but it can also be used as a complement to allopathic medicine to speed healing and reduce pain should surgery be necessary. Allopathic medicine has opened its eyes to what Registered Massage Therapist can do. We get more and more referrals from Physicians and Nurses each year.

In our comfortable clinical setting we will help you through your recovery, helping prevent and treat chronic pain and injury. Offering a variety of solutions for your wellness needs. At Myosense you will find Massage Therapy, Rolf Structural Integration , Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and Thai Massage. We can help with anything from chronic pain, to sports injuries, to daily overused strained muscles. Book online today!


Located in the heart of downtown with early morning, lunch hour, after work, and weekend hours. Now Open 7 days a week!




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