Acupuncture Research : Rhinitus

This article from the Healthcare Medicine Institute highlights research published in the Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion and demonstrates that acupuncture alleviates nasal congestion, swelling, post-nasal drip, and runny nose.

The research confirms that acupuncture exerts an anti-inflammatory action, enhances immunity, and is effective in the prevention of immunological related disease.

With the weather changing this fall I see many patients exhibit these types of symptoms.  With regular acupuncture and a healthy lifestyle, you can be sure to alleviate these symptoms quickly and naturally.

I personally have used these points and protocols many times on myself and my patients with HUGE success.

Book in today and see what Acupuncture can do for you!

All the best in health,

J.P. Brunelle R.Ac

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