“Rolfing for Endurance Athletes”- From Active.com

“How Rolfing Structural Integration Can Help Endurance Athlete”

By Heather Hobbs

“Endurance athletes are on a continuous quest to find balance in their training as well as with their bodies. Athletes push themselves to train hard, eat well and improve without injury and setbacks. But why do so many athletes work so hard only to suffer overuse injuries, strains or nagging pains that keep coming back to haunt them? Isn’t there a way for athletes to improve consistently while maintaining a healthy balance of endurance, strength, flexibility and range of motion?

As a triathlete, I set out to find answers to these questions and to examine how fellow endurance athletes can continue to push their limits and move beyond nagging aches and pains without so much time off for recovery. In my quest to find a better balance in my training plan, I took my questions to Josh Malpass, a Certified Rolfer and kinesiotherapist based in Irvine, California. In addition to his busy Rolfing practice, Malpass is an Ironman triathlete and ultramarathon runner. Malpass believes that Rolfing is the key to injury prevention, rehabilitation, performance enhancement and lifelong well-being achieved through balance in the body.” Read the rest of the article
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