Keep your New Year’s resolutions with the Rolf Method of Structural Integration (Rolfing)

How are your resolutions going this New Year? Are you among those who made a resolution to live a more active, healthy and wellness-oriented lifestyle? How have you fared with your intentions and desires to change? Have you been successful?

Old habits, patterns, stories and ways of being locked into the musculature and posture of our own bodies prevent us from being fully available to the opportunities and possibilities of the present. Our histories are held in our fascia — the continuous web of connective tissue that supports and penetrates all muscles, bones, veins, nerves and organs of the body. The fascia is a conduit for the protective mechanism of the nervous system and will thicken or shorten in response to trauma, injury or repetitive stress. This constriction and armoring serves a great purpose as it protects the affected area from further damage. However, once the injury has healed, the compensations and remaining holding pattern affects functions of the entire body. The body is pulled out of alignment and the relationship with gravity suffers.

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration (or Rolfing) is a system of soft tissue manipulation designed to balance and align our bodies so that we can have a healthier relationship with gravity. A Certified Practitioner helps a client heal this relationship with gravity by lengthening fascia to balancing the body around a vertical line. Through the process, a Practitioner helps to clear ‘kinetic drag’ and facilitates release of body stories and the accumulation of armoring or chronic tension patterns that can later manifest as chronic pain, joint wear-and-tear, limited mobility, decreased flexibility or inability to process stress.

When our bodies are not fully comfortable moving about the world, properly grounded, or confidently inhabiting the space they need to inhabit, this unease can affect our lifestyle on multiple levels. By aligning our bodies, energy can flow more freely throughout all of our systems and we can find better grounding.

In our relaxed clinical environment, Myosense offers professional staff who are both certified in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and Registered Massage Therapist. Located in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core we are currently accepting new clients everyday.

For more information about Rolfing in Ottawa, contact us at or book online at

Myosense Wellness Acupucture and Massage Therapy Clinic 

208 Slater Street Suite 205

Ottawa, Ontario K1P5H8

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