Just Breath !

The article linked in the picture below gives some great tips on how to use breath to relax and have a more restful sleep.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine learning to control and focus the breath is key to health and happiness. And sleep is as important as exercise and diet so support health and vitality.

Our breath is responsible for many physiological reactions in the body. The more aware we are of our breathing habits, the better we can learn to use our breath as a tool for healing and wellness. 

Some of the tips recommended in the below link are quite effective and similar to some of the meditative breathing techniques I teach at my Qigong classes.  I find that when my breath is regulated I experience an enhanced healing effect while having acupuncture treatment.

All the best in health,

J.P. Brunelle R.Acu


Myosense Wellness Acupucture and Massage Therapy Clinic 

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