Friday featured article: Acupuncture helping reduce use of pain killers in military

Remembrance Day featured article: #Acupuncture use in the military. #remembranceday #veteransday #PTSD #Pain #health

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Happy Friday everyone!

Today I wanted to share an article from .

It talks about the use of Acupuncture and complimentary medicine in the US military to help reduce dependency of pain killers.

As complimentary and alternative medicine become more mainstream we are seeing an openness to treatments like acupuncture for all sorts of issues including pain management and addiction.

The U.S. military, always at the cutting edge of technology and medicine are starting to utilize the potential of integrative healing with great success.

“All the statistics are showing now that with a big push for cultural change with integration of these alternative modalities, that we’re seeing a downturn in opioid usage across the military, particularly across the Army,”

What an amazing time to live and see main stream health care begin a new integrative chapter!

Check the full article here.

All the best in health

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