Price List

All of our rates are based on our affiliated associations and colleges.

We do not do direct billing. Please be prepared to pay for your appointment at the time of your appointment.

Prices do not include HST and are subject to HST

New rates as of May 1, 2019


30 minute massage therapy appointment:              $59.00
45 minute massage therapy appointment:              $77.00
60 minute massage therapy appointment:              $92.00
75 minute massage therapy appointment:            $120.00
90 minute massage therapy appointment:            $145.00
Rolf structural integration session:                        $147.00

The above prices will take effect May 1, 2019. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is exempt from HST so no tax is added to the below prices.

Acupuncture consult:                                  15 minutes free
Acupuncture first visit and assessment:                $125.00
30 minute acupuncture appointment:                      $55.00
60 minute acupuncture appointment :                     $90.00
90 minute acupuncture appointment:                    $135.00
90 minute cosmetic acupuncture appointment:   $145.00


We have been working on having a few self care products available to you at the clinic. Come take a look next time you are in!

Massage balls       $24.99
Silicon Cups          $32.00
Facial cups            $10.00
Toe separators       $8.00
Kinesiology tape  $10.99

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