Myosense Wellness Community Acupuncture

Starting this fall, Myosense Wellness is happy to announce the addition of “Community Acupuncture” to our extensive list of health care services.

What is community Acupuncture?

Most  Acupuncture in North America is done one on one, on a treatment table in a private room.

While this system of treatment is highly effective it is not traditional in Asia where Acupuncture is often done in a group or “community” setting.

This system allows for the therapist to help more people in a short amount of time. It will also reduce the cost of treatment for the patient,  making it easier to afford regular health care.

Another benefit of receiving Community Acupuncture is the “Community Effect”.

When we observe others striving for similar goals such as health, wellness and balance, it reinforces the effects of treatment on a deep physiological level. The community effect is hard wired into our nervous system as we observe others in our environment.

Myosense Wellness Community Acupuncture

At Myosense, our community Acupuncture sessions are done in a group setting on recliner chairs in one of our soothing treatment rooms.

Paired with gentle breathing exercises and meditation, Myosense Community Acupuncture is a unique approach to health care and wellness that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed for you busy day.

Benefits of Community Acupuncture

– Reduced rate of 25$ per treatment

-Fast & effective

-The ultimate power nap! Feel refreshed and relaxed after your session.

-Collective support enhances the experience

-Great for groups (team building, sports, and families)

-Develop better awareness of mind and body

-Reduce pain & stress

For first time visitors, an Initial Acupuncture Exam and Treatment is required to determine the best plan for your unique health care concerns.

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