Research: The effects of “Grounding”

New research is showing some interesting data on the practice of “Grounding” or “Earthing”the act of connecting to the earths electric-magnetic field.

Its is something as a society we do less and less of with the increased used of products like rubber sole shoes to our daily wardrobe.

The linked article by the US National Institute of Health discuss the effects of Grounding on subjects like inflammation, sleep, stress, wound healing and more.

There is also an interesting part of the discussion about the “living matrix”a continuous fibrous web-work or network that extends into every part of the body and is related to connective tissues or fascia.

This matrix has unique electrical properties and has been theorized as the physical representation of Acupuncture “Meridians”.

Practices such as grounding or earthing are well documented in TCM, QiGong and Meditation practices. They are meant to help the body and mind find balance and are used as a tool for health and longevity.

Dr. Mercola in a 2013 article discussed this topic at length and shares with us an early documentary on the earthing phenomena.

So kick off those shoes and enjoy the earth just a little bit longer before Old man winter settles in.

Stay Grounded!




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