Experience a new level of healing with Acu-Float !

Hello everyone !

J.P. Brunelle Registered Acupuncturist here at Myosense Wellness to tell you about a new collaberative service being offered with our friends at IsoSpa.  Its called Acu Float!

What is Acu-Float?

Acu-Float is the powerful new wellness experience that combines the effects of Community Acupuncture , Meditation & Floatation Tank Therapy.

The evening will begin with a quick lesson on meditation and breathing practices to enhance both your Acu + Float experiences. After the lecture you will be placed in a recliner chair to recieve your Acupuncutre treatment.

The Acupuncture given will focus on standardized prtocols known for their effectiveness for imrpoving circulation, alleviating pain, improving organ function and relaxing the mind and nervous system.

After treatment and meditation, you will then proceed to your private suite and begin to prepare for your float tank session.

The effects of your breathing and Acupuncutre treatment will give you the tools you need to quickly access deep levels of awareness and relaxation enhancing greatly your float tank experience.

After your Acu float session you willl leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

This event is great for:

– Couples

– Friends

– Family

-Team members

– Meditators

-Chronic pain

-Chronic stress

-Competitive Athletes

-General wellness seekers

Look for Acu Float under “Special Events”

Space is limited!!

Secure your spot TODAY .


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