Links to wellness: Wim Hof Method

Hello everyone it’s J.P. Brunelle Registered Acupuncturist.

Today’s “links to wellness” is about  cold endurance athlete and multiple world record holder Wim Hof the “Ice Man”.

He has been getting allot of attention lately after a recent Vice documentary on his training program the  “Wim Hof Method”.

Its gaining wide acceptance as research into his methods have shown potential for participants to influence their physiology with Wim’s techniques.

This research has shown great potential for the “Wim Hof Method” to help people protect from a wide array of health conditions including, auto immune disorders, depression and hormonal imbalance.

I find him particularly interesting with my background in meditation and qi gong. It plays directly into Wim Hof’s methods and adds another layer to my understanding of mind body practices.

I see his techniques as a natural evolution of traditional mindfulness methods. Helping to give participants the quickest route to health, happiness and strength.

I have just purchased his 10 week program from his website and I am excited to see how I can utilize his techniques to compliment my current wellness practices.

Wish me luck, enjoy the links !

J.P. Brunelle R.Ac

Wim Hof Webpage

Video + Interviews:

Vice Documentary:

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Interview:

Joe Rogan Podcast:











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