Check Out which of Your Favorite NFL Players use Acupuncture

As you get ready for this years Super Bowl, you might have your traditions and so do the Athletes. Click here for a list of players that have been know to use acupuncture. A surprising number of players have been incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine into their self care routines.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has a very long history of effectively treating pain. Other benefits from acupuncture include: faster recovery, improved blood flow, muscle relaxation, better sleep and improved energy. Additionally, these athletes don’t have to worry about side effects or having drugs in their system. Like many others, and for the same reasons, athletes are fans of acupuncture and the other treatments offered by Traditional Chinese Medicine as a way to treat injuries and a multitude of other health concerns. And for avid Super Bowl fans, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can even help cure hangovers!

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